About Debb Allen-Masterson

The founder and curator of Nice Gifts was born in Minnesota and raised in "Minnesconsin." She is the self-proclaimed inventor of Sunday Funday and loves flaunting her local purple pride with friends and family by cheering "SKOL!"

In 2011, Debb founded Minnesota Nice Spice, an organic spice company that helps support a local nonprofit - Interact Center for artists with disabilities. Debb's sister Lucy has been a thriving artist at Interact Center since 2008.

Over the years growing Minnesota Nice Spice, Debb and Lucy have become friends with many talented local artisans. Debb always says "life is too short to give crappy gifts!" Using her friends' great local products, Debb's vision of expanding beyond spice blend gifts has come to life with Nice Gifts! These uniquely themed  gift boxes take the guesswork out of gift giving, while supporting the local craft community!

Debb and Lucy

For more info about Minnesota Nice Spice:  www.mnnicespice.com

For the skinny about Interact Center:  www.interactcenter.com
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