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FilmNorth’s is a non-profit and it's mission is to empower artists to tell their stories, launch and sustain successful careers, and advance The North as a leader in the national network of independent filmmakers.  The youth program at FilmNorth supports the next generation of filmmakers through in-school residencies, summer camps and JuiceMedia, an after school filmmaking collective of high school students in the Twin Cities.

“HI, my name is EhKuDu! This is my first term with JuiceMedia. It is fun to be apart of JuiceMedia. I have finished my first project and now I’m working on another. I have met new people, been working together and also helping each other. I have learned how to set up lighting and learned more about Premiere Pro CC.”

Deacon Warner
Youth Programs Director
550 Vandalia Street, Suite 120
Saint Paul, MN 55114
612 232-5112 mobile

Annie B's chocolates, caramels, & popcorn
We've been crafting caramel & popcorn by hand since 1978. Chef driven and made in small batches.  Simply delicious!

3590 Century Ave. North
Mahtomedi, MN 55115


Willow Creek Miill


PO Box 66, 13404 Cty. C, Valders, WI 54245, us

Starting as a business class project, a love of cooking, baking and trying new recipes, Willow Creek Mill was born and creating great weekend breakfasts for almost 25 years...all natural products!


Rohde Pottery Farm 

The family is soooo involved in the process!  This family is full of talented artisans who all have their hands in the making of these fine, unique and custom pieces.  Something for everyone! 


1080 245th St (32.70 mi)
Woodville, Wisconsin 54028
(715) 379-4411

Sarah’s pottery store is near Amery, Wisconsin

Sara’s processes: In my glazing process I use a wax resist technique to create repeating patterns. The process of wood firing leaves the mark of the flame on each pot and makes every pot different and unique. Every time the door of the kiln is opened, new surprises await anxious hands.

Dudgeon Pottery

Smude Sunflower Oil

Smude Sunflower Oil is a family owned company working out of Pierz, MN since 2010. The sunflowers are grown across the state and brought to Tom and Jenni’s farm where the oil press is located. After going through a cold press, the oil is put in totes and transferred to the warehouse in town. There the bottles are filled into several sizes and shipped to retailers, ma and pa shops, or directly to customers.  They help with Pierz Freedom Fest, are active in Pierz Area Commercial Club, sponsor a Victory League baseball team, and donate to the Pierz School District.

Steller Handcrafted Goods

Steller Handcrafted Goods makes beautiful and useful products using repurposed wool sweaters and other quality materials. We have a dedicated Nordic line made from Scandinavian sweaters and trims, and love to do memorabilia special orders using sweaters special to a person or family. All our products are handmade by real Minnesotans!

Steller Goods is also proud to partner with Azerbaijani Socks. Azerbaijani Socks provides employment for women in rural Azerbaijan through the traditional craft of hand-knit slipper socks. Handmade, beautiful products, women working out of their homes: AZ Socks is a great fit with the vision of Steller Goods and we are honored to promote and support their lovely work.

I Like You

Unique handmade gifts from hundreds of Minnesota artists!  You’ll love their gift shops located in Minneapolis and St. Paul. True artists themselves, these gals know how to create and curate the best of the best of local items.

I Like You


Peace, Love, Local believes that even the smallest scrap of leather can be upcycled into something unique.

Last year, I was gifted a bag of leather scraps by someone who believed in me and knew I would find purpose in the pieces.  From there I was inspired to create my own line of leather accessories.   Each piece is hand cut, sewn and designed by me.     

My mission statement is simple… Seek PEACE, Spread LOVE, Support LOCAL!

Neumann Farms 

Preserving Tradition Through Innovation
Offering Family Farm-Raised Meat Products [Beef, Chicken, Pork], Canned Goods & Food Products. Fresh Cage-Free Eggs. Popcorn cobs. Honey. Cider. Pumpkins and Other Seasonal Produce, and great beeswax lip balm.

Neumann Farms

Minnesota Nice Spice

At Minnesota Nice Spice, we carefully select certified organic herbs and spices and handcraft 16 blends using our own recipes for unique seasoning blends that emphasize natural health properties, like antioxidants, to add a little spice and lots of flavor to your healthy lifestyle.

The “nice” about our spices doesn’t end with great flavor and great ingredients. In the true spirit of community, we donate proceeds from each sale to benefit Interact Center, a one-of-a-kind organization that supports over 125 theater and visual artists with disabilities, including my sister Lucy. Her artwork graces our labels and her creative spirit inspires me every day.

MN Nice Spice

Essence One

Essence One handcrafts small batch aromatherapy based bath and body products.  All products are made in Shoreview, MN with 100% natural ingredients and are created with therapeutic grade essential oils. We are also known around the cities for making our Minnesoapas!  All products are formulated by a certified aromatherapist and aim to assist with stress and anxiety relief.

In an effort to raise awareness for anxiety and depression, Essence One donates a portion of their profits to a specific mental health organization every quarter.  This quarter we are donating to The Lotus Project, an organization from Minnesota that raises awareness for natural healing, after losing a loved one to suicide.



Enjoy, and BEE well!

Winter Goddess Foods

Winter Goddess Foods


Soy What!?

Welcome to Soy What!? Candles……Established in 2012.
My name is Deana Drews, I am a hairstylist/owner of What The Hair Is Going On With Deana?!?! and candlemaker/owner of Soy What!? Candles.  In 2012, I took up a little side hobby making candles and ended up loving it! It took on a life of it’s own and took off. Soy What!? has become so much more than I ever thought it would be and is now my second business.
Soy is a natural, renewable, nontoxic, and biodegradable wax that supports American farmers.  It not only burns cooler but can burn up to 50% loner than paraffin wax.  All of my wicks are lead free and fragrances are phthalate free, making them better for you and the environment!  I hope you enjoy them as much as I have had creating them.  Many of the fragrances were inspired from my travels to Europe with my daughter in 2015.  Enjoy.  The entire line can be found here.

Christmas Point

In the rugged, yet beautiful land of Northern Minnesota, Christmas Point Wild Rice Company was born. Larry Olin, the founder, began a small wild rice processing facility in 1979 with hopes and dreams of success. the family lived on Christmas Point Road and used that name for their company. Then they began including dry soup mixes into their offerings!

They operate two retail stores along with a 400 acre wild rice farm and processing plant. In 1999 Christmas Point opened in Baxter on Highway 371. It is a 26,000 square feet, three story, amazing structure offering wild rice, furniture, home décor, gifts, and so much more.

Christmas Point

Rockstar Seeds

Rockstar Seeds was founded in 1994 by Tim Regal.  He began experimenting with seeds and uses a proprietary process to flavor the seeds in Becker, Minnesota.  In 2006 and 2007 they donated over 7000 bags of sunflower seeds to the troops through organizations like Operation Minnesota Nice.

Rockstar Seeds

Acme Organics

Based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA, Acme Organics is the maker of Triple Crown Organic BBQ Sauces. Our fame began with the three-time Minnesota State Fair Blue Premium winner, the Classic, a super versatile sweet and smoky Kansas City style sauce. Acme Organics is family-owned and operated.

Acme Organics

Second Nature

The world doesn’t build things the way they used to, but we do. Second Nature by Hand creates quality, oneof-a-kind products. Our products contain a story, a soul, a moment of history. Working with reclaimed materials allows us to offer our customers a fleeting treasure that is only available for as long as our limited supply of raw materials lasts. Vintage buildings made from huge timbers are hard to find and are not being replaced. We are proud to create artwork from such special, unique and finite materials.

Second Nature

 Lucky Sauces


Lucky's Sauces were first made for our family and friends.  After a volleyball game, while enjoying a cold beverage, one of our teammates mentioned puting hot sauce on popcorn.  This sounded pretty good to us, and it tasted even better!.

Then came the question...."how do you make hot sauce?"  So with a little investigation and a garden full of peppers, the first batch of Lucky's Hot Sauce was created.  Lucky's Jalapeno & Garlic Hot Sauce was the first out of the jar.  And the universe was in harmony!

Next came the honey mustards.  The local watering hole changed Vendors for their honey mustard and the teammates wanted something better.  Lucky's Roasted Jalapeno & Garlic Honey Mustard was born.  Fresh jalapeno peppers and garlic from the garden, wood roasted to mouth watering perfection, and blended with the finest ingredients money can buy.


We are moms, sisters, wives, friends, daughters, aunts, cousins, community members and volunteers. We are "oilers", gardeners, and soul seekers. We are humble, forgiving and we are creative. We are mojo3.

We support, create, and offer alternative and supportive options for our clients. We address mental, spiritual, physical and emotional well-being. On our journey to this moment, we found crystals, healing stones and essential oils. And after "turning each stone over one by one," mojo3 was created.

We are passionate about our clients well-being. We are invested with you, and together, want to positively influence your life by offering you only the best Essential Oil Diffusing and Healing Stone bracelets, Essential Oils and other products that match your needs.  

We are located in the Midwest, but that is only our physical location. Our mojo3 products are coast to coast. We are so thankful to all of our loyal clients throughout the country.


MinneSalsa is a family-owned and operated business founded by Mark Bourget and Clyde Wagner in 1997. The company is located in Hugo, Minnesota. Minnesota? That's right - Minnesota - we need something to keep us warm during the long winters. Why not salsa?

The creation of MinneSalsa started with Mark and Clyde's quest for fresh tasting salsa. In Mark's kitchen, with the use of a dime store blender and a fridge full of fresh ingredients, the product was developed and shared with friends and family. We took our product to dinner parties, barbecues, and gatherings around the water cooler at work. Eventually we forced our tomato, pepper and spice concoction down enough peoples' throats to where they finally said - "I love this stuff - please put it in a jar and sell it to me." So we did.


We’re talking 100% Natural & Organic gourmet Bath Bombs, Shampoo Bars, Gourmet Soaps and Lotion Bars. Hand made (with love from the heartland) in Minneapolis, Minnesota. All products are therapeutic and delicious! A positive impact with every bath.

We harvest the absolute highest potency vegetable, plants, nuts, flowers, etc. as ingredients and turn them into gourmet, therapeutic products that will nourish your skin and relax your mind. Every bath bomb, shampoo and lotion bar is designed for ultimate yumminess with a side benefit of minimal packaging, non-toxic, waterway safe, cruelty-free, effective and long lasting super awesomeness.

Did we mention we LOVE water?! Well, we really do. Therefore, one percent of annual revenue is donated to Clean Water Action.


3 Way Beauty

A luxury grooming/beauty bar designed for Both Men and Women - created by a hairdresser for Travel - Gym - Home

shhh. is free of parabens, gluten, phthalates, mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic dyes, preservatives, artificial fragrance and coloring. All packaging is 100% compostable and recyclable.

Shampoo, shower and shave. No shit.


Provides beautiful cosmetics and fragrances that are formulated from scratch, handcrafted in our own laboratory, and produced using only the finest ingredients.  We provide high-quality, professionally-formulated, and luxurious cosmetics and fragrances.  We love color and believe our products and packaging should be fun and colorful.  

Our Founder

Our founder, Hannah, created Aromi out of a passion for chemistry and all things beauty products.  She is a formulation chemist by trade and spent years working as a formulation chemist before finally starting Aromi.  Read more about her here.

Each and every Aromi product is handmade in small batches in our laboratory that is located in Minneapolis, Minnesota.  We have spent the last decade refining our skills in formulation science, and everything at Aromi is formulated from scratch, hand-blended, and poured by hand.

Aromi Products

14 Gauge

14 Gauge started in 2013 when University of Minnesota student Jesse Purvey was brainstorming holiday gifts for friends and family. He settled on a bottle opener in the shape of Minnesota with a heart cut out to open beers. Starting with a trial order of 100 units from a local laser cutting company, Jesse has grown the business to include multiple designs across various states. Design, manufacturing, and assembly all still in Minneapolis.

14 Gauge

Peace, Love, Local

Peace, Love, Local believes that even the smallest scrap of leather can be upcycled into something unique.  

Last year, I was gifted a bag of leather scraps by someone who believed in me and knew I would find purpose in the pieces.  From there I was inspired to create my own line of leather accessories.   Each piece is hand cut, sewn and designed by me.     

My mission statement is simple…

Seek PEACE, Spread LOVE, Support LOCAL

The Vintage Studio

The Vintage Studio works having two designers because we both are inspired by the same things: typeface, measuring instruments, geography and all things vintage. We channel our inner creativity to turn the things we love into art. You will find these trends with almost everything we do: book letters, MN boards and pouches, etc.

i like you

i like you is a true Minneapolis and Saint Paul original, owned and operated by Sarah Sweet and Angela Lessman, and store manager Jessica Arnold, and accompanied by happy employees who also happen to be artists themselves! We love you Tine, Swilla, Bellz, SJ, Wishy, & Evalyn! We have a couple of shop dogs that frequent our store as well, so stop in sometime and say hi to Sir Kevin Sweet and Biggie Smalls.

Hunter's Reserve

our customers with the best tasting, quality wild game meats and meat snacks that are healthy, never made with fillers, and only made with humanely raised animals.

Hunter's Reserve is a family owned and operated business that has specialized in premium wild game products for over 20 years. If you're looking for something unique for yourself, grilling out or Uncle John's birthday, you've come to the right place! Our gourmet wild game meats are naturally lean and lower in cholesterol than beef, without sacrificing flavor.


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